DMZ: Anthropocenic Nature, Cranes, and AI Ecologist – Google Arts & Culture

EBS Documentary: Anthropocene

Aired on Jun 17 ~ 19, 2019

Anthropocene Campus

Portal and archive of the Anthropocene Curriculum. Organized by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Through experimental and empirical projects like the Anthropocene campus, the Anthropocene Curriculum asks what “Earthbound knowledge” should consist of, and the ways how it should be communicated.

Forest Curriculum

A multi-platform project for research and mutual co-learning around the naturecultures of the forested belts of South and Southeast Asia. 

Broken Nature

Architectural design exhibitions in Milan related to the Anthropocene (includes podcasts)  

Carbon offset platform

Platform made by the United Nations, open for individuals or organizations willing to donate for carbon-reducing activities. Users can calculate amounts of carbon emitted and support an amount according to those calculations, or more. 

(Exhibition) Carbon Ruins

An exhibition by Lund University, Sweden, about what a carbon-free society will look like in retrospect in the year 2050.

The exhibit has been planned by the Climaninaries Project at Lund, which is funded by the Swedish government to promote imaginations for new politics and economy in a post-fossil society.

Climaginaries main homepage 

(Exhibition) The Coming World

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia

(Exhibition) Dear Amazon: Anthropocene 2019

Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
2019. 05. 31. – 08. 25. 


MAST Foundation (Manifattura di Arti, Sperimentazione e Tecnologia)