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인류세 연구센터

Korean citizens looking in telescopes,
Unification Observatory, Goseong, Korea



International Symposium on Anthropocene Studies (Dec 10-11, 2019)

The International Symposium on Anthropocene Studies
Narrating Disasters in the Anthropocene: Knowledge, Memories, and Imaginaries
December 10-11, 2019 @ National Folk Museum of Korea


Director’s Message


“Reshaping Natureculture”
Message from the center director,
Buhm Soon Park

Featured Stories #1


Searching for stratigraphic signatures to define the start of the Anthropocene in Korea
by Myung Ae Choi

Featured Stories #2 

Documenting Nature of the DMZ through Digital Twin and a Citizen Science Platform
by Myung Ae Choi

Research Essay:

The Anthropocene Refugee

“We all can be an Anthropocene refugee”

도망칠 수 없는 시대의 난민, 인류세 난민
by Buhm Soon Park
(Article in Korean)

Research Essay: Airscape 2019

“What types of air do Koreans imagine, research, and sell?”

한국인은 어떤 공기를 상상하고 연구하고 판매하고 있는가?
by Sungeun Kim, Heewon Kim, and Chihyung Jeon

(Article in Korean)

Journal Article: Catastrophe and Patiency


“Social Theory in the Anthropocene 1: Catastrophe and Patiency”

by Hong-Jung Kim

Published in the Korean Association of Science and Technology Studies
(Article in Korean)


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In our colloquium series, we invite speakers from engineering, sciences, arts, and humanities to communicate new skills and knowledge in the Anthropocene.

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